DNA Sculpture

Research Facilities

Our CBP faculty research programs cover a broad swatch of topics (e.g. calcium signaling, glycobiology, metabolic engineering, DNA repair, RNA modification, translation, photoreception, photosynthesis, cancer therapeutics, drug metabolics, metabolomics, molecular imaging and genome editing) using an extensive range of approaches (e.g. genetics, genomics, x-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, EPR computational modeling, enzymology and organic synthesis).

At UC Davis, we have a strong multidisciplinary research infrastructure that ensures the sciences will continue to expand in the years ahead.


Centers, Institutes and Facilities

  • UC Davis NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • The Center for Neuroscience
  • The Institute for Regenerative Cures
  • The M.I.N.D. (Medical Investigations of Neurodevelopmental Disorders) Institute
  • The Clinical and Translational Science Center
  • The Center for Visual Sciences
  • The Genome Center
    • The DNA Technologies Core
    • The Expression Analysis Core
    • The Metabolomics Core
    • The Bioinformatics Core
    • The TILLING Core
    • The Proteomics Core Facility
  • The Campus Mass Spectrometry Facility
  • Northern California Nanotechnology Center


Facilities/Resources for Imaging

  • MCB/UC Davis Light Imaging Facility
  • The Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging
  • The MCB/CBS Electron Microscopy Facility
  • The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource
  • The UC Davis Imaging Research Center
    • Imaging Research Center in Sacramento
    • Imaging Research Center in Davis: The MRI Facility for Integrative Neurosciences
  • The CalEPR Center
  • The Radiochemistry Research and Training Facility


Structural Biology Facilities

  • The W.M. Keck Center for X-ray Crystallography
  • The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility


Facilities and Resources for Animal Studies

  • Teaching and Research Animal Care Service
  • The California National Primate Research Center
  • The Mouse Biology Shared Resource Program
  • Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center
  • Laboratory Animal Health Clinic
  • Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility Vivarium


Technology Resources

  • The Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization
  • The UC Davis Information Technology Division
  • Information and Education Technology - Academic Technology Services